Beach Vacation – Session 11

Our adventurers stood around after Oron left for a little bit talking, and trying to decide on what they should do, or where they should go. Ultimately, they know that they can’t realistically make Roamin go anywhere but the Shrine of the Fallen, with an off-chance of seeking guidance from Nicana.

After a brief session of preparing themselves, they set off to the southeast, talking amongst themselves. As they worked their way through the crunchy snow, they found it getting progressively warmer, until they finally started to see some mammals and vegetation. Continue reading Beach Vacation – Session 11

Crypts, Necromancers, and Curses… Oh My! – Session 10

The ever-adventuring adventurers had received the information they needed on the location of the catacombs after many interrogations of the native elven people. They found out a bald, skeletal man had been asking around about the same location and ever since they told him – there had been a lot of bad luck going around the city.

They were told of the story of Gono the Fel and how the same thing happened. It was said that when he died, his cursed artifact was buried with him in a crypt to seal away the evil power. The town believed that the bald man (Bertio) had released that evil and was trying to harness it for his own desires, thus bringing back the curse on Chuygrove.

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Are We There Yeti? – Session 9

The group arrived at the hall shortly before the meeting started, and they settled in on a bench as people filtered in. They sat silently, watching the priests and clerics from the various churches slip into the warm town hall. Nearly all the the gods were represented – all except Aveus. ‘Mistress Sara’ stood at the front of the hall, talking to the few older men and women that had come in. Nearly the entire congregation was younger… Bright eyed, eager to please, and ready to throw authority out the window.

Our intrepid adventurers started to wonder what they had gotten themselves into and contemplating leaving. Until Sara’s eyes fell on the group and she offered them a sly smile. She called for the attention of the room. As she started speaking, Naivara and Thalsal’Zar felt a draw of power that felt oddly familiar – if quite a bit weaker.

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